1 November, Half day Workshop at ICSR 2016, Kansas City ( USA)

 13:30-15:15 Session I

13:30 Welcome

Vision-based perception and user-centric cognition methods for service robots to support MCI patients at home; the RAMCIP project approach.
Invited speaker: Dimitrios Tzovaras, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – Information Technologies Institute (CERTH-ITI), Greece.

Collaborative design and implementation of robots with older adults and clinicians.
Invited speaker: Selma Sabanovic, Indiana University, USA.

Cognitive stimulation with social robots
Invited speaker: Miguel A. Salichs, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

A novel emotional and physical enhancement robotic system for elderly people
Kyle Lansing and Wei Yu, Georgia Southern University, USA [pdf]

A social navigation system in telepresence robots for elderly
Noé Pérez-Higueras, Rafael Ramón-Vigo, Ignacio P. Hurtado, Jesús Capitán, Fernando Caballero and Luis Merino, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain [pdf]

Towards collaboration between professional caregivers and robots – A preliminary study
Adrien Malaisé, Sophie Nertomb, Francois Charpillet, Serena Ivaldi, INRIA, France [pdf]

15:15-15:30  Break

15:30-17:15 Session II

Healthcare robotics across the care continuum: Sensing, Adapting, and Learning
Invited speaker: Laurel Riek, University of California San Diego, USA

From “A robot might be a good idea” to “I use my robot every day”: Understanding robot acceptance and adoption by older users
Invited speaker: Jenay Beer, University of South Carolina, USA

Towards an adaptive user monitoring based on personality and activity recognition
Silvia Rossi and Mariacarla Staffa, University of Naples Federico II, Italy [pdf]

Autonomy and dignity: principles in designing effective social robots to assist in the care of older adults
Jason R. Wilson, Nah Young Lee, Annie Saechao, and Matthias Scheutz, Tufts University, USA [pdf]

Open discussion