Workshop “Using social robots to improve the quality of life in the elderly”

1 November, Haf day Workshop, at ICSR 2016, Kansas City ( USA)

Description and Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to widen the debate on how best to ensure that social robotics fully enters the mainstream of wellbeing, health and social care service provision for the rapidly rising proportion of the elderly in the developed and developing countries.

Several social and demographic indicators point to a society where the population over 65 will double, and those over 80 will triple in few years. This situation will lead us towards new social and economic problems. Social Robots represent a possibility to face some of these new problems. For example, Social Robots will help to decrease the economic burden to families and governmental healthcare systems. Moreover, they can relieve the lack of qualified personnel to take care of elderly people and improve their quality of life.

This half-day workshop will seek to foster the exchange of ideas, experiences, and problems that researches have encountered due to the singular interaction between Social Robots and elders; for example, the acceptance of social robots by the elderly, the concerns that arise, the inherent lifestyle changes involved, and inevitable interaction issues that occur.

During the workshop, prominent researchers that are investigating the application of social robotics to an ageing population will share their experiences and discuss about its application on several areas, such as entertainment, assistance, and surveillance, among others.